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   Appalachian Pumpkin Patch 
Country Farm Painting
  Appalachian Covered Bridge Rural 
Landscape Painting
Raking The Hay Field Farm Scene Painting
  Fish For Supper Country Landscape Painting
    Appalachian Blackberry Patch Farm Landscape Painting
Cultivating The Peas Rural Farm Landscape Painting 
The Family Garden Landscape Painting 
The Veon Farm Landscape Painting
Coon Gap Holler Rural Appalachia Landscape Painting 
Taking Pumpkins To Market Country Farm Painting
Shucking Corn 'Til Sundown Folk Art
Springtime On The Farm Landscape Painting
Rural Winter Country Farm Painting

   Turkeys In The Hills Rural Farm Landscape Painting   
      Autumn Wheat Harvest Farm Painting           
Shucking And Storing Corn In The Corn Crib Farm Life Landscape Painting
      Blackberry Patch #2 Rural Farm  Life 
Landscape Painting     
Autumn Apple Harvest Farming Painting

Small Town Country Winter Landscape Painting

Deer in the Meadow Country Landscape 
Horn Of Plenty Farm Landscape Painting 
Award winning oil paintings and prints for sale by me, Walt Curlee, fine artist and national award winner. I invite you to take a stroll into my Appalachian farm landscape paintings to a slower time, when life was simpler. A timeless world of rolling hills and patchwork farms; where you can almost smell the fresh cut hay and air and hear the sounds of nature around you. I strive to create an enchanting world in my folksy style with a nostalgic feel of good times past.

     Baling The Hay Farm Landscape Painting          
Appalachian Porch Music and Flatfoot Dancing Painting 
Wine Country Rural Landscape Painting     
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Quail Strolling Along Vineyard 
Landscape Painting     
Fresh Produce Landscape Painting    
These images are available for licensing and have been adapted for square, round, and other sizes for web, editorial, products, advertising and other commercial uses.
Old Appalachian Grist Mill Landscape Painting
Sunflowers and Cows Landscape